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What Can RTT  Do?

By rewriting negative scripts, building confidence, shifting your mindset, and eliminating self-sabotage, RTT® empowers you to find mental freedom & create the life you've been dreaming about



Target the underlying emotional and psychological factors that contribute to addictive behaviors - and eliminate them!

From smoking, gambling, to sex & more

Career Success

Whether you are an Olympic Athlete, administrator or executive - RTT® will help enhance performance and achieve BIG goals - unlock your full professional potential

Grief & Loss

Identify unresolved emotions, reframe any negative or guilt-ridden beliefs & foster a sense of closure - ongoing coaching will support with coping strategies

Money, Abundance & Wealth

Overcoming money blockages, foster a sense of abundance & create a clear roadmap to physically make more money

Relationships, Love & Life Partners

Address self-discovery, fears & personal growth to healing from former relationships, move on after divorce & finally manifest the love of your life

Sexual Health

Create a fulfilling and satisfying intimate life by identifying underlying issues & reprogramming relevant anxieties such as performance, trauma, dysfunction, etc.

Anxiety, Anger & Stress

Uncover and transform the deep-seated beliefs and thought patterns that contribute to negative/anxious feelings - foster healthier relationships & emotional well-being


Identify the root cause, reframe negative thought patterns & begin to heal invisible emotional wounds - lift the heaviness & discover a higher quality of life

Life Purpose & Motivation

Get unstuck. Achieve great things. Feel pride & fulfillment. Drastically increase your motivation & goal-setting abilities - align with your life purpose & passion

Pain Management & Illnesses

Tap into the emotional & psychological aspects of pain perception to help alleviate chronic pain - uncover & eliminate suffering 


Identify & reframe deeply-programmed negative beliefs & thought patterns, replacing them with empowerment & self-assurance - gain renewed self-worth & positive self-image

Weight Loss

Reframe beliefs that do not serve your health & program new habits to develop a positive relationship with your health - overcome self-sabotage, build a positive body image & begin long-term behaviour change

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