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An Interview with Jill Nicolini

Business Podcast Network

Marina talks about the importance of Divine Love, Gratitude, and Staying Positive.

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How to Go From "Is My Life Worth Living?" to "My Life is Amazing"

If you struggle with negative thoughts and feelings, then tune into this episode featuring Marina Theron-Monnery sharing practical tips you can use to transform your life and turn it into something truly extraordinary. Stop self-sacrifice, break free from your limiting beliefs, and start living your dreams now!  Key takeaways to listen for:

  • Consequences of following your subconscious mind

  • The importance of self-love during crucial moments in life 

  • What is the interplay between stress and cancer?

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy: What it is and how it works

  • Benefits of self-awareness and its impact in life

Butterfly Effect.jpg

The Butterfly Effect Podcast

Using Self Love to Break the Cycle

Stacey Henry-Carr is passionate about breaking old generational cycles to create a better legacy for her children. Stacey and Marina discuss how the thoughts and images in one's head create the outcomes and reactions in life. 

Podcast with Marina

Want to collaborate with Marina on your podcast? Connect with her now to inquire about an interview.

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