How RTT® changed my life

I am Marina Theron-Monnery C.HYP., an RTT® Practitioner and Coach.

I stand here today with so much excitement for where my life is! To say that I feel as if I have won the lottery is an understatement. Now it is time for me to lead the way for YOU to also prosper on all levels of your life.

The theme of my entire life has been to overcome. In all truth, my mess became my message. My burning desire for many years were to master this life, as a long list of things that could go wrong, went wrong for me. From childhood trauma, relationship issues, financial problems, weight issues to ultimately cancer, I have been through it all. But, I am not there anymore.

Today I live the life I always wanted. Detached and healed from childhood trauma, in a wonderful and loving relationship, in financial flow, at a healthy weight and in phenomenal health.

I have known for many years that my calling is to pay all the lessons I have learned forward. First as a life coach and now as a Rapid Transformational Therapy®  Practitioner. I knew if I could master how to let all the healings and changes in my life stick, that I have to help others who are stuck where I was.

The most gratifying aspect of my work today, is that I get to do exactly what my deepest desire has always been: To help people heal. And based on all the testimonials, my wildest dreams have come true. 

In my own journey, I have found that it was the thoughts and images in my head that created the outcomes and reactions in my life, that only hurt me further. When I learned to change those thoughts and made better ones familiar, real and lasting change happened.

My promise to you is that if I can live a life of freedom, so can you.

It gets to the root cause of issues.

Delete old negative beliefs about yourself.

Create a new belief system that elevates you to success.