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Master YOUR Life!

Stop self sacrifice, break free from your limiting beliefs & start living your dream with MTM Therapy

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How RTT  changed my life


I am Marina Theron-Monnery

C.HYP., an RTT® Practitioner and Coach

I have been where you are sitting. The theme of my entire life has been to overcome. In all truth, my mess became my message. My burning desire for many years was to somehow master my life - although it seemed the long list of things that could go wrong, went wrong


From childhood trauma, relationship issues, financial problems, weight struggles to ultimately cancer, I have been through it all.


RTT® helped me heal and rise above it. Today I live the life I always wanted. Detached and healed from childhood trauma, in a wonderful and loving relationship, in financial flow, and in phenomenal health.

My promise to you is that if I can live a life of freedom, so can you.

What RTT   Can Do


Overcome self-doubt & delete limiting beliefs

Build a sense of excitement & drive to get healthy

Eliminate feelings of stress, anxiety, depression & anger

Transform money mindset & create abundant future

Maximize focus & performance for sports or business

What is RTT  ?


RTT® stands for Rapid Transformational Therapy® , a method developed by the award-winning Therapist, Marisa Peer in the UK. 


RTT® embraces many of the positive aspects of hypnosis, cognitive behavioural therapy, psychotherapy, psychology, healing and neurolinguistic programming (or NLP) that are known to produce a transformative effect on clients.

On depression

I’m like a totally different person since Marina helped to set me free. I have never felt so content - life feels wide open!!! I’m full of excitement every day...

On weight loss

I was skeptical about hypnosis. After my first session, I wasn’t aware of any changes in my behaviour, other than my mindset - amazingly, I lost 6 pounds...

On money

Marina brought out such clarity for me. I discovered where and what my blocks were - my life has forever changed and my income  has started flowing steadily.

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