RTT with Coaching

My Custom 12 Week Program

Over time, I have come to realize that some clients and some issues are not a one-time-fix-all situation. As we do one session, it is like the peeling of and onion, and as soon as that first layer is gone, the next one shows up.

This is my most comprehensive service and what I highly recommend with more complex trauma situations.

See what one of my clients have to say:

"I took part in Marina’s 12-week RTT with Coaching program, which is a mixture of, both, RTT sessions and weekly coaching and counselling in-between. I can only say, Marina has designed this special programme so beautifully, wisely and professionally, that I cannot imagine how I could have been better accompanied and guided on my journey any other way.

I started out with Marina on a general work and activity block when it came to tasks assigned to me. I never had real goals in my life; I was just floating along with whatever came before my eyes. That led e.g. to me not having built a career according to my interests, abilities and expertise, and also to financial insecurity.

I was blown away by what RTT can gain, especially in the hands of such a wise and proficient practitioner as Marina! Not only did she guide me empathically and eloquently to and through the memories hidden in some dark and dusty corners of my subconsciousness. She also helped me come to peace with these original traumas and leaving them behind. Much has changed over these twelve weeks!

I am so much more focussed and feel so much more connected to the tasks and assignments at hand, that I have never lost it since. I could never have imagined beforehand what the laser-sharp focus, Marina was speaking about many times in the beginning, actually means. But now I know! And what a revelation it is!

I have also never chastised myself for any slip of plan or laid-backness. I have not felt and experienced, self-hatred, degradation, dissociation, or hopelessness and devastation for a long time. If I lose my laser-sharp focus, and my plans feel blurred and disconnected from me, I can let these episodes be and go through them without giving them more meaning apart from being episodes. That is such a huge success for me!

I’d like to highlight one aspect of the way Marina treated me during hypnosis which is particularly precious to me and for which I am grateful beyond words: Whenever I felt I wanted to go into another direction than she’d offered, she let me explore without hesitation. There was one particular instant where she was understandably deeply concerned about my decision, I might say, even anxious. However, going with me there brought the most profound insight and revelation. I’m so thankful for her to overcome her own worries and go with me to a very difficult acknowledgement. (For the curious minds: It was about a highly consuming darkness which kept me from living many parts of my life. Naturally, Marina suggested to get rid of this darkness completely. However, I had the feeling, I needed to integrate it in order to help it heal, whatever it was that needed healing. It must’ve been very difficult for Marina to go along with my decision, but she did. I find that incredibly courageous of her.)

Throughout the weeks of the RTT/Coaching sessions I’ve explored different issues and aspects of my life. And much has healed. And I honestly can say, I’m a different person. I feel so much more certain about myself, and I have the general feeling an abundance of opportunities are lying ahead for me to explore. It’s the best feeling about myself I could ever wish for. Thank you, Marina, you beautiful and strong soul."

~ SR, Germany - July 2021

What to expect

12 Weeks, structured as follows:

Over the next 12 weeks, you can expect to help design your dream life with the outcomes you have only dreamed about up until now.

You can expect a roadmap with action steps to move you every day in the direction of your dream.

You can expect accountability check ins and encouragements weekly to move forward with a newfound courage and self-esteem that will empower you to get to where you want to be.

For 12 weeks, you will have one on one access to Marina.