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12 Week RTT Program

RTT Program Outline

Week 1

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)

2 Hours

Week 5

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)


2 Hours

Week 9

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)


2 Hours

Week 2

Create Your

Dream - Your Future Self.

1 Hour

Week 6

Mastering how to

turn any negative into

a positive

1 Hour

Week 10

Design the action steps to move you towards your dream

1 Hour

Week 3

Tools to help you keep believing that what you want is possible

1 Hour

Week 7

We are halfway!

Let’s redefine

your dream

1 Hour

Week 11

Tools to make everything stick for the rest of your life

1 Hour

Week 4

Discuss the previous 3 weeks; decide what to use next RTT session on

1 Hour

Week 8

Discuss your progress; what is still holding you back - decide what to do
next RTT session on

1 Hour

Week 12

Reflecting & celebrating the new you

1 Hour

Gratitude Journal Mockup MTM.jpg

12 Week Program Bonus

  • Daily accountability check-ins with Marina through WhatsApp to ensure you are progressing

  • Downloadable Gratitude Journal

Marina Describes the 12 Week Program

Imagine all your life, you were told and made believe that the earth is flat. That if your ship sailed past a certain point (the horizon), you would fall off the edge. That is all you knew and you based all your understanding on it. You avoided the “end of the earth” at all cost.

Then one day this Greek guy, Pythagoras, shows up and said no, the earth is round. It angers you, and everybody around you. You do not believe it, because what you see is that it ends. It does not make sense and it is against everything you believe in. It takes a lot of proof, a lot of rethinking and changing your thoughts and beliefs to finally understand that the earth is indeed round. And it was not until space travel and pictures from out of space came into existence that there was proof of the fact that the earth is round. It took distance to see the whole picture. Like the old adage “you cannot see the forest for the trees”.

In exactly the same way, we adopt beliefs, thoughts and feelings about ourselves when we are children or younger people. These beliefs come to us through bad experiences, hurtful actions or words against us, and it influence our lives immensely. It becomes our identity and we believe that this is just the way it is. However, in many cases, those thoughts, feelings, and beliefs become a stumbling block in our lives. It robs us of living our full potential and in many cases can be the root behind depression, anxiety, weight issues, and even some diseases, to name a few.

In my own life, I used to believe a lot of things about myself, for example: I will never get a decent man to love me, because I am not worthy; I will never earn good money because what I have to offer has no value; I got cancer because I am a waste of space and have no purpose; Why am I here? Why was I created? I am just a waste of space. Life would be better without me in it.

These are just a few of the thoughts that plagued me for many years. But I have reached a turning point and I have turned all that around. In fact, my mess became my message.

It took many years, focus and constant work for me to take all those old thoughts and beliefs and transform them into something that served me, and propelled me into the life I have today. A life where all my dreams came true, where I can create new dreams all the time. A life with endless possibilities.

It took for me to take a step back and look at the entire picture to see that what I believed was all just clouded perception and just like the earth, only when you look at it from a distance, could you see that it is really round.

Through my own journey, I often wondered if there would have been a way to condense years of learning into a shorter time before I would see results. Even though I belief that we will keep learning and expanding until our last breath in this life, some lessons can come more easily. I wanted to create what I would have loved when I was in your shoes. I would have loved to not feel so alone and lost. To have someone with me to guide me, motivate me, keep me accountable and help me to believe in the new possibilities out there.

Therefore, I created this 12 week program for my clients to not only look at their life from a different perspective, but to reveal the truth of their own brilliance and perspective to them. The program helps them change all those old thoughts, helps them to catch those thoughts every day and transform them into life giving thoughts and to see the truth. To look from a distance an be surprised at the gift they are to this world.

After 12 weeks, my clients do not think about themselves in the same way. They see their brilliance, potential and now they know how to constantly take steps towards the life they want.

When you're ready, I'm here

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